Printing Charges with PAPERCUT

  • Charges for all Library & Library Classrooms, Open Computer Labs, Accounting Labs, Math Learning Center, Teaching Learning Center, and Page One Writing Center printing will be 5¢ per copy for black & white printing. IB3303 Open Computer Lab & the Library have Color printing available for 10¢ per page.
  • Duplex Printing: students can save money  if duplexing (printing on both sides of the paper) is enabled.  NOTE: Not all printers have duplexing available.

PAPERCUT - Student Printing - How to Purchase Paper

  • Use your debit/credit card to purchases of $1.50 (30 sheets) or $3.00 (60 sheets); the PaperCut Icon will be in your task bar after you have logged into a computer lab computer.  Ask in the Open Lab IB3303 if you need assistance, choose the PaperCut Program from the desktop on a campus computer or for more details or call the NSC Help Desk at: (206) 934-3630    
  • You can purchase redeemable paper cards with cash only from the Cashier’s office, located in the College Center, Second Floor (Map of new 2nd floor location) with purchases of $1.50 (30 sheets) or $3.00 (60 sheets). Cashier’s office hours are Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

PAPERCUT Paper Rollover  

  • When you purchase paper, as long as you are student, your paper will rollover from quarter to quarter for that academic year (through Summer Qtr). After Summer Qtr. ends the Papercut program will reset to par at $1.00 for the coming beginning of Fall Qtr.
  • Each year, at the end of summer quarter, all paper rolls back to the default value of $1.00 (this represents 20 sheets of paper at 5¢ per sheet) for the beginning of Fall quarter.
  • At end end of summer quarter, if you have paper left over, you can "gift it" to a friend or co-student, ask in the Open Lab IB3303 if you have questions or call 206-934-3630 for more details. Unused paper account amounts will return to $1.00 at the beginning of Fall Qtr.
  • NOTE: Paper does not accumulate value under $1.00 each quarter, paper value will simply reset to par value at $1.00. Values of PaperCut accounts over $1.00 do not accumulate additional system reset $1.00 value each quarter. PaperCut value is the responibility of students.

Printer Print Job Limitations
There are a couple of limitations when printing with PaperCut:

  • You can only print 20 pages at a time to prevent fair use and congestion of the printers in the Computer Labs, so if your file is 40 pages, you will need to break up your print job and print 1- 20 then 21-40.
  • Most Printers will not allow copes/duplicates, unless you wait about 90 seconds in between print jobs. You work around this by creating the copies in your document or rename your file as many times as you need copies.


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