Windows & Mac Installation

These instructions were created on a Windows 7 machine. Follow these steps for installing and using the latest version of FileZilla.  *It is no longer necessary to replace the .xml file as in older versions of the program.

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Download the latest version from: to your Desktop or the default download location where it is easy to find. The latest version is 3.24.0, the version being used for these instructions, will process very similar with any newer versions going forward.

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Double-click the executable file on your Desktop to begin.

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The first screen that comes up is Open File – Security Warning click Run to begin the installation.

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The next screen, FileZilla Client 3.24.0 Setup, is for the license terms agreement, you must click I Agree to continue.

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In the next screen Choose Installation Options you can choose whether to make the software available to all users or just yourself—please note that Installation for all users requires Administrator privileges (if you are in Windows 7). Make your selection and click Next >.

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For the Choose Components screen, put a checkmark where it says Desktop Icon if you want a shortcut on your Desktop and then click Next >.

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(7) In the Choose Install Location screen, accept the default and click Next >.

(8) In the Choose Start Menu Folder, accept the default and click Install.

(9) The next screen should tell you that the FileZilla Client has been installed on your computer, click Finish to start FileZilla.

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When the program starts it shows you some links to Documentation and Getting Help. Click OK to make the Welcome screen go away and know that you can access it anytime through the Help menu.

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Host: Username: NetID username Password: NetID password Port: 22

Click on Quickconnect to connect as shown below.

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Once you click Quickconnect you will get an unknown host key where you will need to click OK to connect.

Verify that you have the correct fingerprint as shown below.
If the Fingerprint does not match, do not connect.
After verifying, you can put a checkmark where it says Always trust this host, add this key to the cache.

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Once you have connected, your screen should look similar to the one below.

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Need a NetID?

Students: Set one up now!

Employees: See your supervisor.