WWW folder - There are two ways to use your www folder.

  1. You can use the folder www as a file repository. Simply place files and/or folders in your www folder either from your campus workstation or remotely. Please Note: Whatever you put in your www folder will be available to the world wide web. 
  2. You can use the wwwfolder space to create a website. The server will display a directory tree listing unless there is an 'index file' present. If any file named index.htm, index.html resides in your www folder, this will be displayed in preference to a directory listing.

- CAUTION -  Anything you place in the www folder in your I:\ drive appears on the web.

- DO NOT put anything personal, financial, or sensitive information in this www folder for any reason !

Additional File Sharing Alternatives:

  • Password Protect a folder
  • Share create a Share foler on the M:\ drive                                                                  




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