Wireless Upgrade

imageAn upgrade to our wireless coverage was completed over the summer – you should see better wireless access all over campus

Project Upgrade Phases

Phase 1: replace existing HP 530 access points with HP 430 access points.

Pre Phase 1, campus-wide survey to determine signal strength

Phase 2: install new HP 430 access points in places where needed

Post Phase 2, campus-wide survey to determine if any installed access points need to be tuned or physically relocated.

Phase 3: configure and install the recently funded, by UTF, and purchased HP 430 access points

Pre Phase 3, campus-wide wireless survey and post the signal strength readings as either a heat map or a chart that can be accessed by students.

Fine tuning will continue – please let us know if you find bad spots

PLEASE use your NetID or your access will be limited to Internet sites local to NSCC.

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Need a NetID?

Students: Set one up now!

Employees: See your supervisor.